Our production facility

  • Our Basic Bones line of rawhide dog treats are manufactured at a facility that we set up and operate in Mexico. Using proprietary natural production techniques that we’ve developed over two decades in America, Basic Bones is capable of supplying consistent large scale production of high quality rawhide treats at an excellent price.
    • After the hides arrive at the plant, they are sanitized and tumble washed. Then they're laid out for cutting.

    • Employees roll and tie the hide into various shapes according to the orders we've received.

    • The rawhide shapes may look simple , but there is a surprising amount of skill required to produce even the most basic roll.

    • Product is cured in large drying rooms for 2 to 10 days, depending on the size and density of the product.

    • Dried product is put in bins after a sorting process.

    • Product may be packaged in large bags  and loaded into trucks or containers for shipment to the USA and other countries.

    Featured Services

    Full containers ship direct from factory to your DC
    Less-than-container loads available fast from our Chicago warehouse
    Private label available
    Unlabeled bulk
    Custom product development
    Custom packaging