National Pet Products Company

CHALLENGE: Client had a strong history of selling bulk pet products to international distributors on a private label basis. Due to significant market fluctuations and the client's need to expand it's market base, the client decided to create its own brand and develop an independent means of getting its product to market.

 SOLUTION: As a part of an overall sales and marketing plan, Nextsummit developed a new logo, corporate identity materials, trade advertising, sales flyers, catalog and display packaging that were geared to the high-end retail market. A new web site was produced where consumers, dealers and distributors could learn about the client’s products and order online.

 RESULTS: After prime customers were identified, and efficient marketing tools developed, Nextsummit’s sales program was put into action. More than a million dollars in sales were generated in the first 18 months.

Automotive Specialty Group

CHALLENGE: Client is a well established group of independent distributors who have pooled their resources to buy and market specialty automotive parts nationwide. Marketing activity was slower than desired in light of increasing demand for products and growing time limitations of owner/managers who had divided up the various tasks.

 SOLUTION: Nextsummit was brought on board to organize and manage marketing efforts and launch new products. We redesigned existing marketing tools including trade show displays, vendor presentations, web sites and trade advertising to more accurately reflect the major changes in the group’s offering to its market.

 RESULTS: Several new products have been professionally launched and market awareness of the group’s brand name and new products has been increased significantly with revamped advertising and publicity in major national trade publications. Product sales have increased despite a soft market.

Fortune 500 Bank

CHALLENGE: A “super regional” bank was losing out on mortgage business within its branches because tellers weren't made to feel that seeking referrals was a high priority. Compounding the situation was outdated corporate marketing material within the branches that directed referrals to an impersonal automated recording. 

SOLUTION: Nextsummit created a regional bank branch campaign that involved displaying colorful posters around a specific theme, customer statement stuffers and takeaways, and developed custom marketing materials that featured the loan officer assigned to the specific branch. In addition, tellers were incentivized with a small but high value gift based on the number of referrals turned in. The names of the top referrers were entered in a drawing for a week's all-expenses-paid vacation to San Francisco.

 RESULTS: In the eight weeks that the program ran, more than 1300 referrals were turned in. Almost 30% of the referrals were closed by the loan officers resulting in more than $35,000,000 in new business.  

Community Hospital

CHALLENGE: A small community hospital was struggling to recruit new physicians due to its rural location and perceptions that a smaller hospital would not welcome “outsiders.”

SOLUTION: Nextsummit produced a high-end physician recruiting package that emphasized the unique benefits of the hospital’s beautiful natural surroundings and proximity to major cultural centers. Current hospital physicians and staff were featured welcoming the visit of prospective doctors.

 RESULTS: The recruitment program landed the hospital 5 visits from the 8 physicians initially targeted. Three were hired, exceeding all prior recruiting efforts.

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